Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 Review

Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 Review

Touted as “newly engineered,” the Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 features an advanced dual heating system. It’s different from other heaters because it uses infrared heating. The advantages of this mechanism include the following:

– it can heat up the room instantly
– it heats up objects in the room and not the air, so you’ll get comfortably warm while being highly energy efficient.

While it definitely is a good concept, the bigger question is, does the DR968 deliver these promises? In this Dr. Infrared Heater DR968 review, we help you analyze this product based on consumer reviews and rating.

What You Must Know About the DR968

– As previously mentioned, the DR968 is an infrared heater. How does this type of heater work? As one consumer has explained, this hater makes use of infrared radiation which heats up the object in front of it. In this case, the object is a quartz wrapped in metal. The heat this produces is blown off into the room by a fan.

– The DR968 comes with a remote control, an LED display, an overheat shut-off protection system, a tip-over switch, and 4 wheels for mobility.

– It doesn’t have a timer.

– This is an electric heater.

– Although it’s designed in the USA, this unit is made in China.

Consumer Feedback and Our Analysis

Noise. This device has a little fan noise, but it is basically quiet. See the video to have an idea of the noise this unit produces.

Design. This is small and extremely portable. The wheels are a great addition, no doubt. As one consumer said, they use this heater in one room and wheels it into the kitchen.

When it comes to appearance, the DR968 is not as attractive as other heaters.

Heating Time. The general consensus is that it quickly heats up a room.

False Claims by the Company. At least three people have pointed out that parts of the claims advertised by the company are false. An example of this false claim that’s mentioned by one consumer includes this statement: “Wattage indicates the amount of electricity needed to power the heater.”

VIDEO: See an Unboxing of the DR968 Plus Review

In this video, you can see what to expect to see once you unbox your package. Also, listen to the speaker as he gives his own review of this infrared heater.


This heater has one of the nicest advertisements / product descriptions of an indoor heater. While some of these claims can be backed by consumers to be true, some statements have been claimed by some consumers to be false.

Overall, if you’re looking for a space heater that gives you a cozy feeling and one that doesn’t dry the air to provide you heat, then consider getting the Dr. Heater Heater DR968.

Learn more about the DR968 here.


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