Dura Heat DH2304 Kerosene Heater Review

Dura Heat DH2304 Kerosene Heater Review

As we’ve learned in the previous post, kerosene indoor heaters offer several advantages over their propane-run or electricity-powered counterparts. For instance, a convection kerosene heater is reliable during bad weather conditions which can bring about power interruptions.

In this post, we review another kerosene heater in the form of the USA-made Dura Heat DH2304. How does it fare among previous buyers? Find out more in this Dura Heat DH2304 kerosene heater review.

Check out the features of the Dura Heat DH2304 here!

VIDEO: See the DH2304 In Action

Watch the video below to see a little demonstration of the Dura Heat 2304. See the features and some tips given by this heater’s owners.

Pros of the Dura Heat DH2304

Set up. The general consensus is that this heater is easy to set up. One said it took him less than 5 minutes.

Directions. The directions are also clear, and they include what you need to know to get the best from the heater. For instance, it tells you to wait one full hour to give time for the wick to soak before you test or use it.

Electric Bill. One person said their electric bill experienced a $200 drop since they started using the DH2304.

Noise. This unit operates silently.

Heat Output. As one consumer has observed, it can warm a 1,100 sq. ft. space easily, adding 10 degrees to an outside temperature in the “single digits.”

Efficiency. As another buyer said, “almost 2 gallons of kerosene lasts about 12 hours.”

Cons of the Dura Heat DH2304

Cost of Kerosene. Several buyers note that cheaper sources of kerosene are difficult to find; therefore, be prepared for “pricey kerosene.”

Features and Parts. At least one buyer said that the carry handle easily pops out. The siphon pump that comes with the unit is not reliable.

Tips When Using the DH2304

– The quality of kerosene plays an important role in the performance of this unit. For instance, lesser quality kerosene will produce odor. That said, buy only K-1 kerosene.

– Always read the manual. This cannot be overly emphasized.

– As noted in the cons section, the siphon pump is not reliable. Get a funnel with a flex tube instead.

Bottomline / Our Analysis

Based on the pros and cons above, the Dura Heat DH2304 can save on electricity bill. Plus, it’s also reliable during emergency situations, especially when there’s a power outage / failure. It’s also easy to set up, and you can enjoy great heat output.

But as what’s noted about the kerosene, finding a cheaper source is not easy.

Get the Dura Heat DH2304 here!

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