Honeywell HHF360V vs HHF370B Fan-Forced Heater Comparison

Honeywell HHF360V vs HHF370B

Both of these Honeywell heaters are classified as “fan-forced.” Both are designed to give you heat in all directions – 360 degrees, if we want to be technical. Both come with a cool-touch handle on top, and both have a tip-over switch and an overheat protection feature for safety.

So what’s their difference?

The features are almost the same, except for one thing, which can be a dealbreaker for you. What is it? Find out as you read this Honeywell HHF360V vs HHF370B comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Honeywell HHF360V vs HHF370B

Use this side-by-side comparison table for a quick reference. Simply scroll down and compare.

Honeywell Heater
Model Check Price » Honeywell HHF360V Check Price » Honeywell HHF370B
Surround Heat Technology
Heat Settings 2 2
Safety Tip Protection
Overheat Safety Protection
Carry Handle
Adjustable Thermostat
Control Pannel Mechanical Knobs Digital control + LCD display
Remote Control
Timer ✅ (1, 2, 4 ,8 hours)

Key Differences

You’ve seen the chart above. Here, we list down these Honeywell fan-forced heaters’ main differences.

Control Panel

The most important difference between these two heaters is their control panel.

The Honeywell HHF360V comes with a 2-knob panel, which gives you control over two features – thermostat and heat settings. Simply twist the knobs to make an adjustment.

On the other hand, the Honeywell HHF370B has a more advanced control panel, consisting of digital control buttons and an LCD display. Through the buttons, you can adjust the following functions: timer, thermostat, and heat settings.

Let’s not forget to mention that the Honeywell HHF370B also comes with a remote control. The Honeywell HHF360V doesn’t.

Compare the images below.


Between these two Honeywell heaters, the Honeywell HHF370B has more features or functions to offer. For instance, it comes with a timer that you can program from 1 to 8 hours. When the set time has lapsed, the unit shuts off automatically. It also has a remote control.

Unfortunately, the Honeywell HHF360V doesn’t offer a timer nor does it come with a remote. But just like the Honeywell HHF370B, it comes with an adjustable thermostat and a 2-heat setting option.

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Our Final Word: Honeywell HHF360V vs HHF370B

Which of these two heaters should you buy? Here’s our recommendation.

The kicker is the control panel and the added timer function, so between the two, we say go get yourself a Honeywell HHF370B. It has more features to offer.


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