Honeywell HZ-445R Review, A Hit or A Miss?

Honeywell HZ-445R Review

The Honeywell HZ-445R is a 360-surround heater with ceramic technology, just like the Honeywell HHF360V. It has a beautiful exterior that we absolutely love. It looks complete.

But is it any good? What’s the feedback on this unit? To give you some answers, here’s a review.

Key Features of the Honeywell HZ-445R

Let’s start this Honeywell HZ-445R review with a quick rundown of this indoor heater’s main features.

Control Panel. The Honeywell HZ-445R has a straightforward, but beautiful control panel. It has 3 buttons that let you turn the unit on or off, and adjust the following: timer and speed. Above the buttons is a screen that displays the current temperature of the room.

Features. This heater has a timer that lets you choose from 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours. Below the timer button is the speed button, which lets you choose between low and high settings.

Multi-Directional Heating. It has a 180-degree and a 360-degree heat output to ensure that all directions are covered.

Safety Shutoff. When the unit is accidentally tripped (in any direction), the unit shuts off automatically.

Remote Control. Yes, you can control this heater from afar. It comes with a remote control.

Consumer Feedback

Here’s a summary of feedback from previous buyers.

Heating Performance. While some buyers are impressed with this device, saying that it warms up a room quickly, others are not as impressed. They say that it falls short on its promise to heat up a whole room.

Quality. There have been complaints regarding the quality of the Honeywell HZ-445R. Some people say that their unit died on them only after a few uses or a few months of use.

Size. This heater has a small footprint. Therefore, finding a place for it in your room should not be a problem. Storage is also equally easy.

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Bottomline: Honeywell HZ-445R Review

It’s advertised as a whole-room heater, but note that it can be smaller than expected. When it works, it can heat up a small area quickly and efficiently. That said, purchase the Honeywell HZ-445R with reservations.


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