Lasko Model 5160 Review – Should You Buy One?

Lasko Model 5160 Review

There are two main characteristics of the Lasko 5160. One, it has a ceramic heating element. Two, it’s a tower-type heater. Being those, here are its advantages.

Because it’s a ceramic heater, the Lasko 5160 gives out a constant and consistent heat output but doesn’t overheat to be a fire hazard. As a tower-type appliance, it’s slim and should have no problem with storage.

In this Lasko Model 5160 review, we give you what previous buyers have experienced with their unit. Does it work as promised?

What You Should Know About the Lasko 5160

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about this Lasko indoor heater.

1. Does it require assembly?

No, it comes fully assembled.

2. How do you describe its control panel?

The Lasko 5160 comes with what Lasko calls Comfort Select digital controls, which are located on top of the unit. It has a total of 6 buttons, and above it is a digital display. (See image on the right.)

3. Does it come with a remote control?

Yes, it does. The remote control itself needs 2 AAA batteries. With it, you can control the following functions at a distance: timer, oscillation, quiet settings (high heat, low heat, Auto).

4. How heavy is this heater?

According to the official website of Lasko, this unit weighs 7.28 lbs.

5. How tall is this heater? It’s 23 inches in height.

According to the data we’ve gathered, the dimensions of this product include the following: 8.2 x 7.2 x 23 inches.

6. What is it made of?

It’s made of plastic. The front grill/panel is silver, and the rest of this unit is gray.

Consumer Feedback

Heat Output. As a ceramic heater, this heater shouldn’t overheat. In other words, it shouldn’t get hot to the touch. Does it fulfill this promise? Yes. The unit doesn’t get hot, but the front grate (for air outflow) gets warm.

Heating Performance. Lasko says that this heater should be used “in conjunction with a primary heating source.” But how well does it perform? According to general feedback, it performs its job fairly well. It’s a good extra source of heat, and it heats up fast.

Coverage Area. We couldn’t find Lasko’s official data as regards the Lasko 5160‘s coverage area, but according to previous buyers, this heater is able to effectively warm up small to medium-sized rooms. Examples of living spaces that this heater has been reported to have successfully warmed up include the following: living room, bedrooms, camper, and office.

Note that how well a space is insulated can also affect this heater’s performance and coverage area.

Several people use this for their bathroom, and they’re happy with the performance. However, here’s a warning from Lasko: The Lasko 5160 is not rated for bathroom use. Use the Lasko CD08200 instead.

Noise. Is it loud? The general consensus is that it is very quiet. To borrow the words of one consumer, it “sounds like a gentle fan.”

Limitation. While this indoor heater comes with a thermal overheat protector, it doesn’t have an auto-shutoff feature if it’s tipped over accidentally.

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Bottomline: Lasko Model 5160 Review

For a smaller-than-expected appliance, the Lasko 5160 ceramic tower heater warms up small to medium-sized living spaces very well, based on general feedback. It heats up fast, and it’s quiet you can use it at night and still enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


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