Mr. Heater Blue Flame Propane Vent-Free Heater Review (VF30KBLUELP)

Mr. Heater Blue Flame propane vent-free heater review

Are you on the market for a propane, vent-free space heater? Mr. Heater have the right one for you in the form of the Blue Flame VF30KBLUELP (item # F255739) heater.

Weighing 33.2 pounds, this space heater can either be mounted on a wall or be used as a free-standing unit. It has a built-in oxygen shut-off sensor, an adjustable thermostat, and a blower. And as advertised, it can operate without electricity, thereby making it an ideal heater during emergency situations such as a power outage.

In this Mr. Heater Blue Flame propane vent-free heater review, we analyze this heater based on consumer feedback and comments.

Important Things to Remember

– Before you do anything with the VF30KBLUELP, it’s a must that you read the instructions or the manual that comes with this heater. The manual contains useful information that allows you to set this heater up properly, warnings and cautious to prevent accidents, and troubleshooting procedures in case something goes wrong.

– This heater is vent-free. Meaning, you don’t have to install a conduit or any ducting to take exhaust fumes outside your house. Being a vent-free heater, the VF30KBLUELP burns fuel efficiently.

– There is a similar product produced by Mr. Heater, the Red Flame vent-free propane heater. These units should not be confused with the other.

– There is a built-in blower or fan that helps distribute heat. It has two settings — ON or AUTO mode. There are no speed controls in these settings. When you choose ON, the blower is always ON. If you choose AUTO, it will be controlled or run by thermostat.

– Still on the blower, you need electricity to get it to function. So although the heater will still work with the power out, the fan will not.

Consumer Feedback and Our Analysis

Propane Consumption. A 30,000 BTU propane heater like the VF30KBLUELP is a big heater and thus requires a big propane tank. However, as other consumers have experienced, smaller tanks (such as a 20-lb propane tank) can also work well. Depending on factors such as the outside temperature and your thermostat setting, a 20-lb propane tank can last about 30-35 hours.

Appearance. Although this “isn’t the prettiest heater in the world,” it has been described as “stable” and “well made.” But don’t rely on what you see in the picture. This may be bigger than expected. And if you’re looking for handles to carry or move it around, you won’t find any.

Assembly. As previously noted, the importance of reading the setup instructions cannot be overly emphasized. Consumers say that setting up this heater is easy, but you will need a low pressure regulator and a hose, which you’ll have to buy separately. If you can’t do it yourself, it’s always wise to consult with a professional.

Ease of Use. Once set up correctly, this heater is easy to operate.

Noise. Although this heater is equipped with a fan, it operates silently.

Heat Output. The general consensus is that the VF30KBLUELP works well whether you plan on using it as a primary or supplemental heat source. Based on consumer experience, it puts out a lot of heat to warm a 1,000 sq. ft. cabin, a 1,300 sq. ft. single level home, an unheated workshop, or a suite with an open area bath.


The VF30KBLUELP Blue Flame propane vent-free heater works “like a furnace in your home,” to borrow one consumer’s words. When on, it heats up a room up to the target temperature, shuts off, and then resumes operation when the temperatures drops.

But to get it started, you’ll have to install or assemble it correctly. Plus, you’ll need to shell out a few bucks for some pipes.

Learn more about the VF30KLBLUELP here! Or read more Mr. Heater products.


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